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"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted,
 wealth is useless, and reason is powerless"
– Herophillies, Ancient Greek Philosopher-Scientist


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Be Your Own King—Maintain Health & Build Wealth
 and Become a Fully Functional Human Being


1.  The Best Possible Track in Life — Change Gears Regarding Health:  Practice Illness Prevention

Stay young and healthy throughout life without the budget-busting need for expensive health plans, drugs and surgery.  At the same time, ward off the onset of degenerative diseases that appear later in life for most people.

Everyone knows that eating the right food and exercising is the way to go to experience good health.  However, the foundation of health for these two pillars is not in place because the soils in which our foods are grown no longer contain the nutrients to nourish our bodies to maintain life-long health. 

Further, pollution from pesticides, hormones, chemicals and GMO's all alter the purity and effectiveness of even healthy food. 


At the same time, it is little known that MINERALS ARE ESSENTIAL for vitamins themselves to function, but commercial farming practices have de-mineralized our soils, which means that we are DISADVANTAGED FROM THE BEGINNING to nourish our bodies, and even from simply purchasing vitamins which we think makes up for our own nutrient deficit—they cannot—as, again, vitamins need minerals to work properly—and in the right combination and quantities.

The USANA "Essentials" are the highest grade vitamins AND MINERALS and are the best in the world (1)—because they are scientifically based with the right ingredients, in the right amounts, in the right balance, in the right forms and through the right manufacturing.  All these factors gives the potency we need to actually FEEL the difference in our health and energy level.


The USANA Essentials were invented and formulated by Dr. Myron Wentz, a scientist with a Ph.d in both microbiology and immunology.  Dr. Wentz' task in the lab was to design a complete nutrient formula that would feed and nourish the cells of the human body directly.  With the USANA Essentials being scientifically formulated specifically for the human cells, we find that they go straight into the cells, rather than straight into the urine—as we find with all other health and drug store purchased vitamins.


For example, SEE the difference between other vitamins and USANA here, while understanding the highly specialized function of USANA as an "anti-oxidant"—a function vital to the preservation of the functioning of the body itself:



2.  Be Confident that You are on the Right Track

Even with this little knowledge of health and disease, you can now know how to maintain your body for optimum health and also preventing degenerative diseases from occurring later on in life due to lack of proper cell nutrition


Also know that "health" systems and industries are simply about profiting off disease—and the more people that are "diseased" the more they thrive.  Let's instead have YOU thrive through the simple practice of illness prevention.


From the right health foundation through the USANA Essentials, you are building the basis on which all good health habits such as healthy eating and exercise will succeed.  Through the right foundation, you have given your body a solid basis on which to reward you with good health and good life.  To know that you are on the right track, simply check out the statistics of the staggering numbers of people who die through medical drugs here:

A Comparison Between Medical Drugs and Vitamins

And if you want to see the background of why there are deaths through something that is supposed to cure, simply know:

"Since the marketplace for the pharmaceutical investment business depends upon the continued existence of diseases, the drugs it developed were not intended to prevent, cure or eradicate disease. Thus, the goal of the global strategy was to monopolize health for billions of people, with pills that [merely] cover symptoms but hardly ever address the root cause of disease. The deprivation of billions of people from having access to life saving information about the health benefits of natural health approaches, whilst at the same time establishing a monopoly with largely ineffective and frequently toxic patented drugs, [has] caused disease and death in genocidal proportions.

"This epidemic of unnecessary disability and death [emphasis added] by the pharmaceutical business with disease is unparalleled in history."  Article here

Now you can see that illness prevention is far better than the whole experience of being ill
—and to be used (and ultimately abused) where people are simply profit generating units for industries, including commercial farming, intentionally set up to thrive on the breakdown of the human body and consequent disease.  [See also Pharma Cartel]


3.  Now Think Independence and Freedom from Being a 9 – 5 Wage Slave

As you become a USANA Distributor, share the above knowledge with your friends, family, associates, brothers and countrymen, for the Law of Truth amongst the Human race is to help and uplift one another—not harm or hurt one another.

The USANA health marketing business can be developed while you are still on a regular 9 – 5, while it starts to secure another stream of income for you that will ensure a way to retire with the freedom and financial security you, and all others so desire.

Start building exquisite health and, at the same time wealth that will see you to financial freedom and retirement without the need for a 9 – 5, and in the true American Dream, be truly free and independent.   Follow the USANA 9 Step plan of building your network that has a goal of $7,000+ coming to you each month.  Master the plan and you will find your own creative ways to make it happen for you, while at the same time, helping everyone to achieve a new level of health and energy that is good for them, good for the nation, and good for the world:


"When health is present, wisdom can reveal itself, art can become manifest,
 strength can be exerted, wealth is useful, and reason is powerful"

– Herophillies, Ancient Greek Philosopher-Scientist (adapted).


 Become a Fully Functional Human Being



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