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Ė Herophillies, Ancient Greek Philosopher-Scientist


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First Time Taking the Usana Essentials


Congratulations!  ó You are now taking the Rolls Royce of vitamins and minerals and on your way to greatly improved health and energy throughout your lifetime! 

Because these vitamins and minerals are highly effective by going straight into your cells (rather than straight into your urine), you need to start them slowly so your body can adjust to its new experience.  So do the following:

1.  FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS:  Cut the dose in half from each USANA Essentials bottle;


2.  Simply take ONE yellow tablet (instead of 2) from the Vitamin bottle and one blue tablet (instead of 2) from the Mineral bottle in the morning and early evening;  take your morning vitamins and minerals with some food;  don't take your evening dose too late at night ó you might not be able to sleep due to the increased energy!


During this time, your body will start to detoxify and adjust to its new level of never-before super nutrition and start rewarding you with your new-found health, energy and quality of life. 



Usana Amazing ó Irene Read


I thought it was about time I put pen to paper and write to you about my amazing experiences of Usana. I started taking it in August last year after reading Mary Smithís story in New Pathways Magazine. I was taking many different supplements, I was always that bit low in energy. I think maybe I was on the right path but not taking them in the right proportions. I noticed a difference within a fortnight both mentally and physically. My energy levels improved dramatically and now I can do much more without stopping and rest and with much less effort. I feel my body was confused before but now it seems more sorted out.

Recently I noticed that my left foot, which was always colder than my right, is now the same temperature. I told my husband as that is physical proof to him as he often complained of my cold left foot. Also my toes on that foot often would curl under slightly so that when walking bear-foot they would often scrape on the floor. Now they never do.

Also my grip has returned so that once again I can wear clogs and toe post sandals. My lazy left leg is not so lazy any more - it lifts on its own much more easily. Instead of dragging it along it seems to walk more normally. I donít trip up so much as I used to trip when there was nothing there!

Twitches and spasms in my legs have gone. Balance is back to normal. Also I occasionally suffer from constipation, now I never do. I feel I sleep more deeply and wake more refreshed and donít take so long to come around in the mornings. I used to describe myself as a cotton wool, robot stiff on the outside and soft as cotton wool inside. It makes me realise now just how bad I felt mentally and physically.

I totally believe in Usana and would encourage anyone with MS to at least give it a chance. Why this has not been front page news and why this is not available on the NHS I donít know. I am age 48 and have had MS for almost nine years. I am taking Usana Essentials and Proflavenol.

Usana Essentials - Mary Smith


My energy levels are sky high!

A potent antioxidant formula containing grape seed bioflavanoids and vitamin C. Grape seeds contain proanthocyanadins, which are known to be some of the most powerful antioxidants. These highly potent free radical scavengers are one of the few antioxidants to cross the blood/brain barrier to protect neural tissue.

In an effort to halt what I thought would be an inevitable decline, I spent a lot of time and money searching for something that really worked. Then one day a friend mentioned nutritional supplements that some people with MS were taking. It seemed that - almost without exception - their MS symptoms improved, with a significant increase in energy levels. It seemed too good to be true. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to give them a try.

These nutritional supplements, called Usana, were developed by American immunologist and microbiologist Dr Myron Wentz, renowned for developing the Epstein Barr Virus kit. Having worked on human cells for twenty years, he had the expert knowledge to develop supplements which would give cells all they needed for good health. I was very impressed with the science behind the supplements.

Free radicals and MS

The big thing about these supplements is that they are hugely powerful antioxidants, which scavenge harmful free radicals.

Bio-nutritionists believe that free radicals play a crucial role in the disease process. Some doctors think that diseases like MS are the result of oxidative stress, causing an inflammatory response at the site of the myelin sheath.

This is the view of American doctor Ray Strand MD, who has put many of his MS patients on the supplements and is getting excellent results across the whole range of symptoms: fatigue, bowel and bladder function, overall strength and endurance, and sleeping patterns.

The vitamin and mineral combination contains 59 vitamins, minerals, co-factors and trace elements, all crucial for normal body functioning and balanced to work together. The doses are optimum levels and are therefore higher than in most multi vitamins.

It took three months for me to begin to feel any positive benefit. But once my body did start to respond I noticed dramatic improvements - particularly in my energy levels which have gone sky high! Swimming 40-60 lengths of the swimming pool 3-4 times a week is testament to that.

I also cycle, have taken up gardening and the one mile walk to town is no longer an endurance test.

I've been on these supplements for two years now and have had no significant relapses. If I do feel a slight worsening, then I just up the amount of proflavanol until it passes. On the rare occasions when I do run out of my supplements, I feel my energy levels diving!

The MS is still there, but I hardly notice. I still have partial numbness, but my eyesight is 99% back to normal, my left leg is a lot stronger and I sleep like a baby most nights.

At the moment I'm training to teach yoga and also make ceramics. I cook, clean and keep house for my husband and 16 year-old son and never need to rest during the day.

Life is good. I know that it's these supplements that have given me my life back.


Peter Caldwell OBE

For the first time in years I have found some energy.

Despite being on Betaferon, I found my mobility getting worse and my left leg doing what it wanted. Due to the constant fatigue, I had to give up my career in 1996 and take a part-time job closer to home.

Over the years I have tried a range of pick and mix multivitamins, plus B12 injections, evening primrose oil and cod liver oil tablets etc. but I have had no indication that they made any real difference.

Towards the end of 1999 a friend recommended I try some pharmaceutical standard nutritional supplements manufactured in the USA by a company called USANA.

I was extremely sceptical and it became a battle of wills as to whether I took them or not. But when you come up against a female who is determined you will do something the outcome is inevitable. So I lost the battle, mustered as much ill grace as I could, and started taking the tablets.

As these supplements are so strong, I had to introduce them gradually and it took three months to reach the recommended daily intake. The nutrients had a detoxifying effect on me.

I think this was due to the fact that I had developed and enjoyed my diet of beer, scotch, fags and curry. Putting something good into my system was something of a shock!

What a difference they made. For the first time in years I found I had some energy and this continues. Before I had to have a sleep in the afternoon and headed to bed at between 9 and 10pm. This did nothing for my social life and, being separated, I was finding it more and more difficult to look after myself. Now I can get up in the morning feeling that I can at least get on with a more normal life.

These supplements are not a cure for MS, but they have greatly increased my quality of life. Apparently, the difference between these and the majority of others is that they contain advanced levels of nutrients, based on current scientific research.

I began with the 'Essentials'. This has not only reduced the fatigue but has given me a far healthier appearance and feeling of well being.

I also take two other products which have greatly helped with constipation and impotence.

  • 'Fibergy': a fibre drink mix providing 14 sources of dietary fibre - it even tastes good!
  • 'Palmetto Plus': As well as helping the prostate, it has a strengthening effect on the male reproductive system, which for me resulted in increased libido.

As someone with MS I am convinced that taking quality, advanced dosage nutritional supplements has had a significant benefit to my health, energy levels and feeling of well being.







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